Slammable What Caves?- Drunk Internet Purchases


Stories of people buying stupid things online, drunk. Sean talks about a terrible domain name he registered while drinking with a freshly divorced Mike Burns (Comedy Central’s Dad Boner), which he forgot about the next day but it kept ruining his life every 3 years. A British study says drunk internet purchases are much more common than many realize, with over half the consumers in Scotland doing it. Mike Polk Jr explains his investigative process, for trying to determine why he ordered a particular item drunk on Amazon (excuse the flawed audio on Mike’s live set which was recorded on the road). Sean shares some more random internet purchase stories and how drunk email is an even bigger danger to him. Google tried to stop drunk emails with Google Labs Goggles but it was discontinued. Alec Pinkston closes the show with a hilarious, year-long, drunk dialogue with a spammer.

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