Achieving Gratification- a Christmas podcast


Recorded the day after Christmas. Sean talks about how the holidays have been without a cell phone- how different drinking was when you couldn’t reach anyone, which is how he has been spending nights. Sean has been drinking hard over the holidays and talks about some of those incidents and how the bars are lucky he doesn’t yelp with some of the misunderstandings (though each one is his fault). In “Boozed in The News” a drunk Wisconsin man is charged with “achieving sexual gratification” with a horse, setting off a chain of hilarious AP News quotes. First guest Derek Dziak talks about a crazy night seeing one of his favorite childhood bands and highly recommends that all drinkers invest in handcuff keys. Derek is a bartender, an actor and a successful musician in Chicago. Stop in and see him at Estelles or catch him in one of his many great bands. Next guest is Ryan Sickler, cohost of the wildly-popular Crabfest comedy podcast. Ryan shares a hilarious story about a house party gone awry back home and running into someone from the event, many many years later. Checkout Crabfest if you have not already- hilarious podcast.

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