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Online Reviews:

  Chicago Reader: Wake Up for The Blackout Diaries (Critic’s Choice).  

  Gapers Block: Chicago’s Best Drinking Stories (Recommended).  

  Onion AV Club: Hecklers, chucklefuckers, and the best comedy show ever (Recommended).  

  Chicago Grid: Turning Drunken Misdeeds into a Business (Feature).  

  Gapers Block: Blackout Diaries Creator Sean Flannery (Interview).  

  1,001 Chicago Afternoons: Yeltsin Was a Drunk (Recommended).  

  Chicago Reader: Drinking Through Death (Critic’s Choice).  

  Comedy of Chicago: Top 5 Comedy Shows (Recommended).   


Print Reviews:



Grand Rapids Collegiate: Crowd Eats Up Blackout Diaries from Laughfest (Grand Rapids, MI).  

The Laugh Button: Bridgetown Highlights from Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland, OR).  

Theater Jones: Spot On Blackouts from Dallas Comedy Fest.