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Big Party?

Come celebrate at The Blackout Diaries!

Come celebrate your party at The Blackout Diaries and be included in the show! Groups of 5 or more can submit their own stories or photos to the show- and the crack writing staff at The Blackout Diaries will blend your stories into the show. These are comics who have been on Comedy Central, NPR and, more importantly, have consumed enough whiskey to float a sub.
Looking for a way to make a bachelor or bachelorette party special? or a birthday party or work function?- book it at The Blackout Diaries and be included in the show. We’re done talking about all the times we got drunk and flew into the wrong city- let’s talk about the time you did it. Plus its free when you book more than 5 tickets.
Just email to arrange.
NOTE: may not be available on a given week if other groups have already booked so please email to confirm and get available weeks. Also, you’re (obviously) welcome to just come enjoy the show with a big group- no pressure to be included.