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WHAT: The Blackout Diaries is a comedy show were standup comedians, plus ‘regular’ people (cops, firefighters, teachers, etc) tell true drinking stories. Then you, the audience, can ask questions. Still wondering? Check out some photos from the show.

WHO: The show was created by its host, Sean Flannery and always includes a mixture of professional standup comedians plus everyday drunks with no stage background telling true, hilarious stories.

WHEN / WHERE: The show is every Saturday following at Under The Gun Theater @ 10:00 PM.

WHY: cans of Tecate and tastes of Malort.

IS IT REAL? Yes, stories are all true (so far as our crack fact checkers can verify… they are also drunk); people turly have no previous performance experience. And we are always looking for more! If you have a funny drinking story you’d like to share, please contact