Blackout Diaries Podcast, episode 001


Drinking stories about accidents and First Responders with

1) Landon Kirksey a very talented comedic performer who also used to live with me in Chicago and, yes, we did lose a green, four-door Saturn once.
2) Steve Obrien, a hilarious standup comic and also part of the critically acclaimed comedy duo, Team Submarine.
3) Bernie Brice, a former Chicago police officer with some of the greatest drinking stories on Earth, but like all great Irishmen he hates the sound of his voice (Irishmen hate the sound of their own voice because it’s evidence of how drunk they were, by the way). He generously loans his stories to The Blackout Diaries, but we must record them with an actor’s voice.
4) Frank, an accelerated phycicssts (we’re told the ‘accelerated’ part is an important distinction) with CERN, who, while on loan to Chicago’s fermalab became a legenderary fan of Chicago comedy (it’s not often we get a hard drinking fan with an IQ of 180). Frank’s stories were recorded with his own voice but Sean then spilled a Kolsch beer on the tapes, thus Kenny Metroff re-narrated the stories in studio. In real life, Frank sounds like a German Bob Hope.
5) Chase Bentley, a bartender and manager at Atlas Brewery in Chicago. He is also a guitarist for the Chicago doom metal band, Coke Goat.
6) Kevin Meeusen, a fulltime gambler and poker player and a great example of “The Ohio Effect”, which is: when you launch any drinking enterprise, you are about to meet a lot of Ohioans. Ohio, it seems, only makes presidents and drunks. We get about 2 performers a week from Ohio at our live show in Chicago.
7) Prescott Tolk an amazing standup comic who was booked on the first-ever Blackout Diaries live show. Prescott presently lives in LA and has a hilarious one man show, “High Jinxed” about the 10 times he’s been arrested.
5) Sam Mechling, a kind of barroom polymath: an artist, a bartender, a drunk vigilante with 3 citizen arrests under his belt, and, most importantly, Sam is the Creative Director for Jeppson’s Malort.