Blackout Diaries Partnering with Malort



Some people call it the worst shot in the world. I call it: a perfect corporate sponsor.

The Blackout Diaries is very excited to announce that we are partnering with Jeppson’s Malort –America’s most honest shot– for all 2013 shows.

Malort is a unique taste- some where between tequila and an alley fight. And it is Chicago-strong: 100% owned and operated in Chicago, by Chicago, for Chicago alcoholics (the only Chicagoans that matter).

But don’t take my word for it, come to The Blackout Diaries in 2013 and taste Malort for yourself! Jeppson’s will be giving away free tastes of their product and the audience members with the most unique description of that taste –or the best slogan for Malort– will win merchandise and, who knows, maybe even more tastes!

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Jeppson’s Malort official site:

Malort twitter feed:

(their twitter feed is pretty hilarious)