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Comics + Real People tell true drinking stories


Latest (podcast) episode:


Live Shows:

•  CHICAGO:  every Saturday
    10 PM / Under The Gun Theater
    tickets: $10

•  NEW YORK:  First Thursday of Month
    9 PM / The Cobra Club


News / Announcements / Blogs:


Coming to San Diego- one night only

The Blackout Diaries will be going to the home of the west coast IPA. One night only at Protector Brewery. Saturday March 3rd at 8 PM. Get tickets here:


Blackout Diaries back with Lincoln Lodge!

The Blackout Diaries is reuniting with its original theater, drinking buddy and partner in crime: The Lincoln Lodge.

Starting on Sept 9th, we will be following The Lincoln Lodge every Saturday at 10 PM at Under The Gun Theater in Wrigleyville. The big steins of beer are back, the crazy stories are back and, for better or worse, the Marlort never left.

See you in Sept!

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This Is Not Happening!

Watch Blackout Diaries creator and host Sean Flannery talk about loving Huey Lewis so much he accidentally walked off a roof on Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening:


Megan Gailey on Conan

Watch former Blackout Diaries coproducer Megan Gailey on Conan!

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Liza Treyger on This is Not Happening

Most amateur bowling leagues don't have as many stories as Liza does about getting arrested, which is why she's one of our favorite performs at The Blackout Diaries. Checkout her story on This is Not Happening:

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