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Comics + Real People tell true drinking stories


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* New Podcast Episode *
High Hat Club

Podcast is back after taking some time off because the live show had to move. We found a great new home at high hat club and to celebrate we include some stories from the staff at High Hat on this podcast.

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Erica Clark recording album at Blackout Diaries

One of our all-time favorite Blackout Diaries performers, Erica Clark --Mr T's daughter-- is going to record an album at The Blackout Diaries. Two shows! Get all details here. Or just buy tickets here because its going to be a hilarious show.


Sean named best drunk in the city

Blackout Diaries creator and host Sean Flannery was named "Best Drunk" in the Chicago Reader's annual 'Best Of Chicago'. He and his wife are having very different reactions to this:


Ryan Sickler Sold Out

Ryan Sickler's appearance at High Hat Club, produced by The Blackout Diaries, is sold out. Thanks to all who purchased tickets in advance.


Weekly Show Back

The Blackout Diaries is jumping off the wagon in October! Yes we are back to weekly Saturday shows, at a new, great venue for live music and standup: The High Hat Club

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