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Comics + Real People tell true drinking stories


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Book Your Party at Blackout Diaries

Blackout Diaries is excited to announce a new program where large groups can participate in the show- share their own stories or photos and more. And its free if you book more than 5 tickets. Just email

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Blackout Diaries recommended show this week

Timeout Chicago recommends checking out The Blackout Diaries this weekend and calls host Sean Flannery "a master story teller". Tickets going fast- hope to see you this weekend.


* New Podcast Episode *
Looking For A Hand Job in All The Wrong Places

It's Valentine's Day- stories of romance while drunk. Sean talks about when his wife discovered he was a drunk. A listener shares

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* New Podcast Episode *
Booze is Thicker than Water

Stories of mom and dad getting drunk. Sean talks about not realizing that his family drank more until he was an adult and started going to other people's weddings. A few people at Chicago bars tell

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Chicago Bars as Game of Thrones

Writer Raf Miastkowski performed at The Blackout Diaries last night and his blog on Chicago Bars as Houses from Game of Thrones was mentioned and then asked about repeatedly. Here it is for those interested:
Critics Pick: