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Comics + Real People tell true drinking stories


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A Cautionary Tale on Horse Necks

tories that show how necessary cops are to the drinking ecosystem. Sean talks about how cold it is in Chicago and what alcohols can freeze in this weather. Als

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Brighest Young Things tells readers: listen to The Blackout Diaries podcast

Now that Serial is over Brightest Young Things tells its readers what podcasts to checkout. The Blackout Diaries was flattered to be listed:


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Achieving Gratification- a Christmas podcast

Recorded the day after Christmas. Sean talks about how the holidays have been without a cell phone- how different drinking was when you couldn't reach anyone, which is how he has been spending nights. Sean has been drinking hard

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* New Podcast Episode *
High Hat Club

Podcast is back after taking some time off because the live show had to move. We found a great new home at high hat club and to celebrate we include some stories from the staff at High Hat on this podcast.

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Erica Clark recording album at Blackout Diaries

One of our all-time favorite Blackout Diaries performers, Erica Clark --Mr T's daughter-- is going to record an album at The Blackout Diaries. Two shows! Get all details here. Or just buy tickets here because its going to be a hilarious show.
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